this page is dedicated to my beloved boyfriend, edward! their neocities can be found here! we've been together since may 27th, 2021 and i cannot imagine a day without him in my life! we met through a discord server i owned for queer folk who lived in the tristate area, it living in new york, and me living in new jersey. once we finally got to messaging each other because of an (incomplete) art trade, we clicked almost instantly. he made the first moves, in the server and in dms, while i was just an awkward, deadpan mess. because of a mutual love for the hyperpop band 100 gecs and seeing that he filled out a dating application i made as a joke, i finally got the guts to dm him and ask about being together. after that wasn't all sunshines and rainbows, since we both dealt with heavy dissociation. at one point, our alters were dating and not us, and i don't even want to go into the time i was dating one of its alters who was pretending to be it xD. despite that, we powered through and stayed together despite the odds!

it's really cool... finding the person who you were just destined to be with. i believe that life only gives you one true love, and it was only correct of me to take my chances by running towards it. i know for a fact that we're meant to be and nothing can change my mind! we're both more than a little screwed up, but that makes us perfect for each other. most annoyingist gay couple ever.

i love you so much edward! you mean so much to me and i'm so happy you're with me. also don't worry, i forgive you for trying to kill me that one time!! /ref