about the webmaster!!

hi!! my name's isaac, but you can also call me marshall or oswald as well! i created the very site you're visiting right now!! i'm a nineteen year old psychology major who resides in the great state of new jersey. i'm... very queer. specifically i'm transfem + intersex and i use she/it/they pronouns! i'm also demisexual, panromantic, and T4T! along with that, i also deal with a lot of mental health conditions. the ones i feel comfortable mentioning include: autism, generalized anxiety disorder, borderline personality disorder, and other specified dissociative disorder! i also use the term rabies pride, which you can learn about here! basically... i'm very Not Neurotypical, Not Cishet, very Annoying about that fact (/pos), and proud!! i also tie myself to portrayals in media. a list of this can be found here!

on the topic of identity, i'm a furry! i find the furry community very comforting because it gives me an outlet to express myself online without judgement! littered around this website, you can find art (either by me or others) of my fursona! i adopted her a little over 7 months ago from my boyfriend, who's alter used to use him as a mascot around 2017! i also believe that i'm alterhuman/otherkin! i'm a strong believer in the theory of reincarnation and i believe that i used to be a cat in one of my past lives. sooo... yeah eheh. kibby time :33. i'm still learning a lot about myself and who i am and used to be. life's a journey and i have my whole life to discover who i am, so i'm taking the first steps now!

other than that, i have a lot of special interests and hyperfixations i love talking about!! my biggest sp/ins at the moment would have to be personality typology (i'm an ENTP 4w5), batman media (specifically the gotham tv series and the arkham video games), old web history, homestuck, and webkinz! other media interests include warrior cats and clone high, along with a general interest in media history (specifically having to do with comics, animation, and television in general!)! i could also probably rant for like an hour about different regions on DVDs and the ratings system LOL. as previously mentioned, i love the old web. i find the way the internet is run now is... not good to say the very least. i love preserving old facets of internet history and culture, along with embracing how the internet used to be in the day! i tend to talk in internet text speech that's.. sort of outdated (the amount of times i've used xD on this site alone ;w;)

when it comes to creative ventures, i love drawing! i try to find at least a little time every day to hone my craft. i specifically love drawing in art trades, i love drawing others' ocs and seeing them draw mine! because of this, i'm actually going to try to participate in artfight this year xD.